Monday, January 25, 2010

Call me. I respond.

This was sort of an exciting weekend. I mean, not much happened in my world directly, but something kind of awesome did happen. My old roommate and one of my besties, Nathan (Lam) Vuong, flew to DC from LA to exhibit one of his photographs at an art show, Call and Response, co-curated by his wonderful friend Kira Wisniewski.

Nathan and I had spoken about what he was going to do for the show when I visited him in Tampa at Christmas. Each artist was paired with a written piece, the call, and the art is the response. That day he took a bunch of pictures of me soaring through the air - tongue hanging out and glasses awry. I thought they'd be tossed aside, as ugly as I looked. Anyway, I encouraged (forcefully) my brother Jimmy and Leah, my sister-in-law, who live in DC to attend. It was was a great success, and more importantly and unexpectedly they were surprised to see, firsthand, this rad ass picture above. Apparently, Nate's pic was a crowd favorite and Jimmy was able to tell everyone that yes, that was his sister in the photo (we are true, genuine show-offs).

Congrats to Kira for getting a bunch of great press, which you can link to here and see more here. The show will remain up till Feb. 13 at the Hamiltonian Gallery, so if you're in the District, stop by and admire me, Jimmy's sister, and Nathan, who is clearly just inches away from his dream of being photographed on a jet ski.