Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chicken with its head cut off, right here.

This is a great blog to read about what's happening in Haiti: The Livesay Haiti Blog. These lovers of God have been living there for years. Whether or not you love Jesus, it's nice that they do and that they do right by mankind in the name of God. We all know that most people who say they love JC don't follow "the Word."
These are seriously amazing folks, really getting down and dirty, helping out in Hispaniola. I wish them the best.
on a different note:


swampthing said...

Livesay appears non-judgmental, motivated by sincere human compassion. How do they find time to blog, god blessm'?

But, much of the proselytizing in haiti (touted on teevee) is founded on prejudice towards Yoruba.

If there is a god, she is black.

I Heart Miami said...

thanks for posting this blog information. i have lots of family in haiti that are doing their best to help anyone and everyone they can and i imagine they are going through the same things as this family's blog..trying to get myself over there, but commercial liners arent welcomed yet...good to know there are still so many with big compassionate hearts..

EAT said...

I Heart Miami - I just saw on your blog that you're a Haitian-Arab. My mom's cousins are as well. Luckily their family still in Haiti is alive and well-enough. Houses still standing, but they're sleeping outside.

Swampthing - what else would She be?!

Thank you both for your comments!