Sunday, January 17, 2010

He's fighting for your right to overeat.

The Burger Beast posted info on Man v. Food filming in Miami. One of my favorite people (ALFIE) is a producer on the show and asked me a while back to get some sexy Miami ladies to eat chili fries in bikinis. Yeah. I volunteered, but I think my boobs aren't big enough (for anyone). I guess they received a ton of funny pics off of the Craigs List ad for the show, nudies and such. You're jealous you don't work for the Travel Channel now, right? Boobs and fries, mmm.

Anyway, Adam Richman, the simple, hungry man who is possibly one of the grossest eaters of all time, will be filming here in Miami, so keep your eyes peeled for the gorging and future airing of the gorging. I can't wait to see him eat at La Moon! Get the perro colombiano and the mazorca desgranada, bro. They are delicious.

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