Friday, January 15, 2010

Jay Reatard is dead, too?

What is this with all these young people croaking? I was so obsessed with the earthquake in Haiti, I totally missed this news yesterday! I could seriously beat myself for not seeing him when I was in DC a few years back. I wanted to go, but it was cold and no one would go with me. Again, when I was in LA recently, I planned to attend his performance, and I couldn't make it and thanks to my brother's wedding I missed Gonerfest (thanks, Jimmy). The fact he was 29 made me think that I'd have another opportunity to attend a concert. I was wrong, I guess.

This is why I hate myself, Eddie! This is why!

Anyway, his death is being investigated as a homicide.

Here's the word on Flavorpill.

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Emily Sue said...

I hadn't heard it was being investigated as a homicide! Crazy.

I only saw him live once, in a side project band - Angry Angles. It wasn't too memorable. I was a big fan, though... Wish I would have seen him in more recent years as well, I guess you never know when someone's going to go!
Gonerfest 2010! I was going to call you about that this weekend, actually - even though it's 8 months away...