Friday, January 22, 2010

If I could date this guy, I would

Because all I do is read Flavorwire, I came upon this guy. Apparently, he's 22 years old, jobless, pees outdoors (right on) and lives entirely off of Craig's List ads, whatever that means. He's blogging his experience, which is what you do when you have nothing else going on (hello!). I'm not familiar enough with his writing, but the article's author accuses him of being half boring, half "hilariously dry-witted," if you're writing everyday, most of what you write is going to suck. It's the nature of the big, boring, bipolar writing beast.

Anyway, Jason, hit me up. I also have 2 first names, love driving the country, have a free couch and a hankering for boys with not much going on but a little ambition.