Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Help out the bad guys for once. They're cold.

Every morning, when I cross the Julia Tuttle Causeway, I take a peek over at the sex offenders. I don't know enough about them, but since the temperature dropped, I started wondering about their comfort level. I sometimes think, in my shallowest mind, that it's not such a terrible place to live. They have beachfront property and they're not on the streets. It's a bit of a community, so maybe there's some room for interpersonal relationships, bonding and such. It gets hot, sure, but at least it's not cold. Well, now it is cold and that's a problem.

The Miami Herald posted a story about these poor bastards, shivering in the 40 degree weather with little warm themselves. I was impressed by the empathetic and non-judgemental tone of the article. No one likes sex offenders, I don't even think they like themselves, but they are human beings and deserve to be treated with some respect. I think all those "Christians" out there need to leave their heated mini-mansions and drive their SUVs to Julia Tuttle and love thy neighbors. Oh, but seriously, leave your kids at home (bad joke!!!).

Here's some background on the situation. It's crazy that the government encourages/enforces this living situation. I can't even wrap my brain around it to commentate.


Anonymous said...

do u think that at the age of seventeen i met my girlfriend at the time age 15 and we where together for a year i so happen to turn 18 and then they put me in jail for being with a minor and now almost 11 years later i find myself living under this bridge for the past two years. do u think that im sick? i believe that someone who touches or does anything sexual to a child should either get life in prison or the death penalty i would sign that paper like if it was a millon dollar check i want to live again i didnt rape or do anything to a child she was my girlfriend and cause i turn 18 and after a year of being together i got to dump her thats crazy but it happen i paid my debt all i want is a second chance to live and show the world that not everybody with a sex charge is sick! thankyou for ur time!

Anonymous said...

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Peace & God Bless!

EAT said...

I don't think anyone should be living under that bridge.

I am aware of different kinds of sexual crimes and I don't think statutory rape is always necessarily a valid offense. The situation you described, consensual sex between a minor and an 18 year old, is a dodgy issue. I personally don't think that your situation sounds like something worth punishing so harshly, and not all 18 year olds would know what they were doing is a crime either. An 18 year old with a 15 year old is worlds appart from an 18 year old and a 12 year old.

The system needs some serious revamping and I think that the fact that all of these people are stuck living in the open, under a bridge, placed there by government officials really is great proof of that. It's terrible, I don't really care what you've done. What kind of government does that to its citizens?
I hope you find a safe place to live soon.