Friday, January 15, 2010

Tito is not fat

For those of you who think Tito is fat, read this. This guy or girl or whatever has a 26 lb. cat. Tito is a mere 16 lbs. Big is beautiful, bitches. I know many of you are wondering, who cares about your cat. Well, fyi, many people, many, many people do.

He did manage to lose some weight, as far as I can tell by looking at him and cuddling him, after first gaining a stunning 4 lbs. in 4 months, while living with Nathan and I.

We like to feed, we like to eat.

I recently bought him some Paul Neuman organic food and he loathed it; thus he didn't eat much. Starvation diet! Just kidding. He ate it, but in a more healthy manner. He's looking trimmer and I'm pretty pleased, even though I loved him at his largest.

This was pointless, but I was inspired by the images in that article.