Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seriously, Massachusetts?

You suck, and shame on you!


Anonymous said...

I thought Brown led a respectable campaign - clearly the better MAN won. Even in the heart of Dem-Country, it should come as no surprise that Coakley, the intelligent (bland) Democrat that she is, fell flat on her ass! Still, it would have been a harder fight if she'd have reconstructed that nose, hiked up those chesticles, of even worn a paper bag over her head.
I say congrats to Mr. Brown, and wish the Senate luck in trying to pass any Health Care Reform now!!! Ja Ja Bichess!!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't Republicans register as Democrats (and vice versa) so that they can throw the other party's elections? SERIOUSLY!
...Just like the surprising upset in Massachusetts (fuck, that's a long name), the party expecting to win might make assumptions like Democrats did there.
...And each party could even end up electing their most centrist Presidential candidate during Primaries, since registered party members would vote for the person they hate the least.
...And all those manipulative campaign managers would be left wondering how to target their messages to an undefined audience.
...And the majority of voters would essentially be acting independently, since the choice between relatively extreme options would be minimized. Elections could be more about the candidates themselves, and not so much their affiliations.
...Hmm, just food for thought...