Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A bro celebrates the election results.

Last night, we all won. We elected, by an overwhelming margin, our first African American president. I know you all already know this, and you are tired of reading blabber about it, but I just have to say something. WE KICKED ASS! Yes! We beat the shit out of it and then hung it out to dry. Thank you, Florida, for getting back on board. CNN called his victory the second the polls closed on the West Coast, before midnight. They kept holding off calling Florida, but every time I scrolled across the NY Times or CNN maps, every county was basically accounted for. I think perhaps they were worried about their advertisers, and so delayed the cries of "awesome" from people everywhere. 

Either way, the second Obama was called the next president, my brother, Jimmy, and cousin, Farrah, who live in DC, ran down into the streets and celebrated with music and tons of people on 18th Street. My best friend Eddie's little sister, Kim, ran down to Grant Park to watch Obama's acceptance speech with 125,000 other people. Farrah described DC excitedly. People were not only dancing on their own cars, but on cop cars. A public bus, the 92, stopped in the middle of the road so the driver could display his Obama/Biden sign for the huge crowds. One guy did backflips and tumbled all the way down the street. Most importantly, people were loving each other, hugging and dancing, all night long. U Street video here

Meanwhile... Miami was less celebratory. The party I was at was intimate with intelligent folks, all Obama-centric. One of the guests was live blogging for Time Magazine, and I got a mention for my lay off: I drove down Washington Ave, laying flat on my horn and though there weren't many people out, there were more than a few friendly honks. People at PS14 were too cool to yell, though we were yelling and jumping and dancing - yeah. Buck 15 was fun and there was some Obama yelling and dancing, but I was hungry, and headed Grove-ward to Flannigan's. Two jealous, douche bags yelled at our yelling of Obama once we got there. One chick was like: that was so three minutes ago. And the guy was like: wait till he gets assassinated. My friend Nico was angry, very angry, but I was like, "and what?" we fucking won, and they're clearly assholes. Just like those boos in the audience when McCain praised Obama for being the first black president... Get some class, friends. 

McCain's speech was moving and beautiful and I think that the old McCain, the human McCain, came out once again. He ran a shitty campaign, but he bowed out gracefully. Obama's speech was reserved, but Jesse Jackson's tears said it all. 

To all my friends and family that text messaged me and called me after the win, I love you guys and I am so happy you're in my life! We all have vision and ideals, and that counts for so much in this passing age of bitterness and laze. I think that the world is turning toward us and saying, "we're ready!" We are all ready to fill our world with the beauty of giving and support, of loving each other properly. This is a world I want to be alive in.  


Pollo said...

yea, so i got a little pissed. but your positive attitude brought me back down. besides, i would never incite violence in the name of barack. it really is a new day. so beautiful.

EAT said...

You guys were the best companions last night. XOXOXO.
They deserved an ass-beating, but it was too happy a feeling to ruin.

robert said...

Gainesville was bumping that night! It was so fun, and the kind of night where i'm gonna remember exactly where I was and who I was with. I haven't had a chance to blog about it yet but I will. So exciting. I wish Miami would have been more celebratory, though NYTimes did feature a picture of celebrators in Little Havana on Wed morning

Emily Sue said...

Seriously? Wow - what is wrong with people? You have got to be kidding me - someone actually said "that was so 3 minutes ago?" I'm hoping that was sarcasm???? Good GOD!