Wednesday, November 19, 2008

There were mad books, bro.

I know I have been slack lately, but I have a few things to write about today. On Sunday, I went to the Miami Book Fair to try and bargain last minute deals with the vendors. If you wait till the end of the final day, usually they'll just give the books away, since they don't want to trek all the way home with boxes of them. I have to say, most of the booths were books in Spanish, so my interest was limited. However a few cool things happened. I'll start from the end. My roommate brought me to the Antiquarian Annex, where one was able to purchase beautiful, well, old, used books. These ones up at the top cost a grand each! No lie. It was really great in there though, they had old postcards, many local historical books, and even a Little Black Sambo, stuff, we can be proud of as a community. 

Before this, though, I met the Grahams at the Books and Books tent. First I was just going to get Sen. Bob Graham to sign a book for my parents, but I ended up becoming bffs with Adele Graham! First off, her name's Adele, and my middle name is Adele. This thrilled us both. She pointed out every other Adele in their very female heavy family picture (there were like 7 of them). I told her that all my cousins' middle names are Adele too. Then I asked if she's of
French ancestry, since my great-grandmother, Adele was French Canadian, and she 
was like, catch this... no, I'm Lebanese! So of course, we talked for another 5 minutes about the fact that we're both Lebos. The best part was that I ran into my friend Sharif who is pictured below in his Everyone Loves a Lebanese shirt, and I told her about it. She turned to Sen. Graham and was like, listen to this... so I told Bob that he needs to get one of those shirts, since he loves a Lebanese lady. I think Sharif (like a good Arab), is going to make some of these shirts to sell at the Our Lady of Lebanon annual church festival (mmmm... good food). Anyway, the 
Grahams rule, and when someone asked Adele how much a book cost, she was like totally unflustered and not snobby about it. The person who asked, once they realized her identity, was all, "uh, excuse, uh, me. I'm sorry." And she was like, "I'll tell you, just let me find my glasses." 

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