Monday, November 24, 2008

Mad about Maddow and stealing her stories too, bro

One of these many magazines that my mom subscribes to, and which she forces upon me, listed Rachel Maddow as their "girl crush." If you don't know, Rachel has her own show on MSNBC, is openly gay, and bears a striking resemblance to my very handsome, gay, male friend. She is dry and intelligent and very likable; a good "girl crush" if you're into hot, manly ladies. The reason I bring her up was because I wanted to bite two stories off of her that were highlighted on her show today. 
1. This super nice, farmer couple opened up their farm to fellow Coloradans to take, for free, the leftovers from their harvest. 40,000 people showed up. Amazing, no? Read about it here. 
2. A football player from Florida State University, Myron Rolle, was awarded the Rhodes scholarship. Go 'Noles! For real, dawg.
Thanks Rach. You made me feel better about scrounging for food, and about having received a degree from the same school as a football playing, genius overachiever! And that's for making the news more enjoyable for people with very short attention spans, like myself. 


Anonymous said...

Who's yer friend?

EAT said...

A local lawyer, gay and handsome. He doesn't look exactly like her, but similar... he's better looking. If you give me your e-mail, I'll send you info.

swampthing said...

yeah, dear maddow got a bit femmed-up for tv msnbc. long time listener, I like her 2, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

i'd check her trousers for a swingin dick to be sure

EAT said...

I suspect I know who the last Anon is... "Swinging dick" seems a giveaway.