Saturday, November 15, 2008

I changed my mind about Bobby Flay.

I used to think that Bobby Flay was an incredible prick, but today, I changed my mind. 

I am obsessed with DIY shows, travel shows, and my longest running and greatest passion is watching other people cook. When I was in elementary, middle, and then high school, the highlight of my week was waking at 11-ish on Saturday, making myself some tea with milk, eating some anginetti cookies and watching cooking shows and then, of course, Eastenders. This might lead you to believe that I was a pathetic, homely sort of gal, and I was, I didn't date till I was like 17 (18), so thanks for reminding me. 

I didn't think much about good old Bobby until a few years back when I was living in New York and my friend Lorraine was crashing with me for a few weeks. We watched a lot of TV, because that's pretty much all there is to do in Harlem after dark, well, that and smoking crack. Anyway, we were watching Iron Chef, and it became clear that Bobby never loses. And on top of that, he can't cook anything but southwestern cuisine. I mean, they give him bok choy and he makes it with salsa. We seethed with Flay hatred, unsuccessfully willing him to lose. 

Since then, the show Throwdown with Bobby Flay was created where the Food Network lies to some restaurant owner, taunting them with the prospect of hosting their very own show. Then Bobby shows up and is like, "psych, you fucking chump!" and then proceeds to embarrass them nationally in a cook-off. I hate when he wins. I HATE it. I just want to jump into the television and beat his cocky, ruddy, face in, and yell, "your accent sucks, cocksucker." Just because, why not?

I spent a few hours today, still drunk from last night, watching the Food Network, and feeling quite pleased. On the last 2 shows, Bobby lost miserably. I liked that. Then also, he has these two white ladies as his staff, and they yell at him like he's a peon, piece of shit, nobody. The thing is that he handled the abuse and shame well, and now I don't hate his guts so much. Iron Chef is on now, and Bobby's about to make squash with a tomatillo mole. I think he's going to lose again, and I'll just like him more and more, and maybe at some point, I might actually root for him to win. Though I doubt it. 

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eldesaparecido said...

I still think he needs to ESAD.