Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Today I voted, and then I volunteered for the Obama office in Coral Gables. I was even lucky enough to drive a disabled, female, Vietnam vet to vote. So, my one vote became two. Very exciting. I also harassed everyone I know to go out and vote. 

I am going to a friend's house to wait this out, but right now, I can't say I'm not hopeful, but I am very scared. If Obama get elected, I will be truly happy that I had the opportunity to participate in helping elect the first (half-)black president. I really can't describe how emotional these elections are for me and my family. When Kerry lost Florida, part of me died, I didn't volunteer again for years. When we lost all together in 2004, my brother wept drunkenly and openly at Churchill's. Today, my mom spent the day bringing an illiterate, former drug addict to the polls, and even helped her vote. Tonight will be a huge deal for me personally. As a citizen of this nation, I will be beyond proud if we kick McCain's ass. If we don't... well, I just have to hope that we do. I'll check in later once things look clearer. 

FYI: MSN has better commentators, but CNN has more exact numbers. 
ALSO: If we win, I'm going to the PS14 celebration. See you there (I hope to God!).

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