Monday, November 3, 2008

What I did today and what I thought about today.

In my pre-election anxiety, I finally found the motivation to head over to the Obama office in Coral Gables, ready to work. The headquarters were busy, and I was delegated to place reminders to vote on the doors of registered Dems in the West Grove. I met up with my buddies, Nico and Ricky, at Ricky's former abode on Florida Ave, and we biked our way around the neighborhood, talking to like-minded people and flyering. Tomorrow, I'm driving old ladies to the polls, and then sedating myself in anticipation of election results. 

I was thinking about what I wanted to write here in regard to the election. I will break it down a bit into categories I can work with:

Diplomatic Voting Push 
Hi there, friends. I wanted to let you know that tomorrow is the last day to vote. It will be a monumentally important 

day for the whole world, regardless of who wins. 
If McCain wins, the rest of the world (including Peruvian shamans) will doubt our desire to maintain good relations worldwide, but we will have elected our very first female VP (even though she's against women/gay rights). Go girls! 
If OBAMA wins, we will have a revitalized nation and we will prove to ourselves, and the world, that we are not a nation of racists. The first black president will have been elected (just the thought makes me well up with tears). Don't you think it's about time? I mean it's been about 150 years since African slaves were freed in America, how much more time do you need before we elect a minority to the presidency? I think the time is now. 
People, if you vote for Obama, you will be saying yes to fairer healthcare, diplomacy, and women's rights. Sure, you may have beef with one of those three things, but realistically, weigh the damage of another 4 years of Republican rule in the 
White House against taking a chance on a man who is brilliant, eloquent, and goodhearted. 

Please, anarchists, just think, a black man in office? That's anarchistic. 
People without faith in government, and those who think their votes don't count: your vote only doesn't count if you don't vote. If you think it makes no difference whether or not you vote, look at all those injured by the bombings in Iraq. If you had voted for Gore, or hadn't voted for Nader, those maimed would have limbs! Votes count!!! The government may sometimes suck, but it keeps us safely fed, watered, driving, and protects wildlife, and education. Wouldn't you rather make a decision yourself on who's in office, instead of letting other people decide your future for you? Just think about it.  

What I Really Think
I can't imagine how anyone could be so simple as to not vote in this election. I can't even conceive of the amount of moron-diarrhea churning in the brain of an undecided voter at this point. I mean, I just heard 7% of people are still undecided? Who the fuck are these simpletons that can't take 5 minutes to read up on these two disparate dudes and say? Do you want the rich to get richer, or want healthcare and SSI when you get old?

The only people I can see being confused right now are racist democrats. I couldn't think of a reason why a democrat wouldn't vote for Obama, except that they're the paranoids sitting around worried that black people are going to take over the country and Jews are running the media (Jon Stewart). Just get over it. Ugh. I'm disgusted now just thinking about these assholes. 
The Catholics (my people) are sick enough to ignore the real important social issues 
that Catholics should be supporting and voting based on pro-life hate shit. Listen we're having abortions if we want to, I could give a fuck what tired Catholic Nazis think about it. I come from a long line of liberal Democrat Catholics. We support the hippy Jesus, and the good people in the Bible. Don't these other fucking Catholics know anything about Vatican II and the social justice movement? Nuns marched with MLK, Jr. Priests stood up for black rights in America. Fuck! All they care about is whether or not women do what they have done since the beginning of time, what women's bodies do naturally, abort fetuses. If a soul enters a "body" when it's just an invisible egg and sperm meeting in a dark womb, then is aborted, the soul can't go to hell. There was no option for baptism if there was no head or body. How about that one? Huh, Catholic theorists? Tell me how. Do miscarriages go to hell? This is the kind of crap they talked about in CCD, not about helping those in need. That's what it truly means to be a good Catholic. Voting for Obama and helping the underserved. 

Enough. Vote for Obama. 

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farrahflave said...

"Please, anarchists, just think, a black man in office? That's anarchistic."

So WAS true~now let's redefine 'government.'