Friday, November 14, 2008

Last Night - Jacuzzi Boys, Cheap Time

As I get older, I seem to be surprised by how many gender-questionables there are out there. I have always been the sort to obsess about whether I'm looking at a boy or a girl. I mean, if I see someone whose face gives away no gender, has a chest with slight protrusions, and is wearing clothing that can go either way, I am entranced. Maybe it's because I grew up on Saturday Night Live's Pat, and Pat's partner Chris. They were fabulously confusing. 

At one time or another, I have been mistaken for a boy. To be honest, it's happened more than once. A memorable moment was when I was referred to as, "sir." I had short hair and was wearing my General Cinemas uniform, weighing in at 105 lbs and in high school. I bring this up, because last night there was a small bouquet of little ones donning make-up, chin stubble, and maybe-chests.

Last night I went to see the in-store performances at Sweat, which was a worthy reason to leave the lush comfort, though increasingly dysfunctional environment, of my couch. I missed the Electric Bunnies, but I caught the Jacuzzi Boys. They played a notable performance. Everyone has something to say about every local band in Miami and almost all of it is bad. I have similar musical tastes to the JBs, and I enjoy their music. I'm saying I like them and I like seeing and hearing them perform. At the end of the month they're going on tour with King Khan again, and I think that offers them some level of success in my mind. Diego even put on a Michael Jordan jersey after the performance, and everyone likes Jordan. I even wanted Air Jordan pumps in elementary school. Point is, they have style, both in clothes and music.  

Anyway. The band Cheap Time was here from Nashville, and they were good, however, I couldn't get over two things. 1. One of the singers resembled Christian Bale in Velvet Goldmine and 2. they looked like perfectly handsome, clean cut dudes on their album cover, but very dissimilar in real life, the drummer was even a different person. I don't say the Bale comment as a something bad. I was chatting with two very pretty ladies after the show, and Christian Bale got in on the conversations, obviously an opportunist, I respect that, and he was really nice. Also, Bale's hot, so, no insult there. Also, I thought the lipstick he was wearing really flattered his complexion.

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