Monday, November 10, 2008

Obamas meet Bushes

Michelle and Barack checked out their new casa today. Because I love the NY Times, I think you should read the article on the meeting between the current president and our future president. Here are the ladies of the White House. It's amazing how Laura and George aged over the past eight years. It must have been a rough time for them. Oh well! We've got the new hope coming in and I think that's reflected in the ensembles seen above. Michelle's like a rose in bloom, yet still appropriate for the autumn season. We're in for some sweet fashion schooling from our new first lady! Guaranteed. 


swampthing said...

The look so civilized.

But is it true that, after the handshake, W offered O a squirt of hand sanitizer?

The repug racists call her 'blackie O" ?

Anonymous said...

The hand sanitizer thing was a time before. Michelle, also known as Michi, apparently wore Narciso Rodriguez the night Obama won. The woman knows how to work it. H&, Thakoon, Azeddine Alaia. This white house is gonna rock it fashion wise.