Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008, in Miami, bro.

I had a fabulous Halloween with my roommate Nathan. He was Captain Jean-Luc Retard and I was Janet Jackson. He put our pre-party pictures into one, so you can admire our brilliant last- minute costumes. 
First we went to the Cifo event themed New Year's Eve 1967
which featured free rum and Presidente. Of course, this pleased me plenty. There were some really well put together costumes there, including a 
girl dressed as a pile of poo, which tickled my fancy. There was also JP, dressed as Tracksuit Zombie, who I have to thank for graciously offering us entrance into this affair.  
After, we stopped by a party and then on to Vagabond. At the Vag, I stumbled upon free Dos Equis, quite pleased with myself, yet again. We ran into Justin who outdid himself again this year. Justin likes to use "organic" products to create repulsive costumes based on a pop culture creature. This year, as you can see, he was Guacamole Shrek, I personally still like Peanut Butter Alf the best, but this one stank like shit, so it was more admirably revolting. Below are Rob and Kylee, who had what I would consider "extreme" costumes. Kylee's pegasus mask was imposing and amusing, while Rob clearly has some stamina in order to wear a hollowed out smelly gourd on his face all night. At the end of the night, he offered me the opportunity to smell his forehead. I declined. Halloween always proves to be the best holiday that doesn't involve turkey and mashed potatoes. 


Emily Sue said...

Looks like good times, jealous!
Or do you envy my Halloween which consisted of getting into PJ's at 5:30 pm and drinking bourbon & Dr. Pepper while eating disturbing amounts of pizza?

EAT said...

Pizza.... mmmm...