Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DC 1

I was out of the MIA and into the District of Columbia last weekend. I have some reviews, pics and family hideousness to add here. I'm starting with a few lovelies of my trip generally speaking. Here's a little snapshot of the Capital Building right here.
This is Adam's Morgan, 18th Street, the view from my cousin and brother's place. It rained the whole time I was there, but here, for just a moment, the clouds showed us mercy. They're very hooked up at this location, they are near everything/anything. You can drag your ass in any direction and eventually bump into some place to eat that's decent.
This is a shout out. Cheers to Jimmy (inferior sibling), Diana, Leah, Alfonso (my new, better brother), my cousins: Farrah, Julie and Mary Kate. This place was called Rosemary Thyme Cafe, which was just OK.
This is my prettiest family member, Farrah, eating garlic out my hand.

This is my brother, Jimmy. His look was heavily influenced by the film Deliverance.


JIS said...

JIMMY= Yetti?
no no no.
not cute.
clean up si vous plez!

Farrah said...

hay adams was cool -- so cool im gona wander in there like a homeless person whenever in that part of town. dc is sunny now and misses it's lizzzzzy!