Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Greek Good, mmmm

Mourayo is a delicious Greek restaurant in Dupont Circle: 1732 Connecticut Ave NW. It's very tiny, but the waiters dress like sailors (! yes, gays, I am not kidding). This guy was hesitant to let me take his picture and asked if I was going to put it on the Internet, I said yes, took the shot and, voila, it's on the Internet!
This was my lamb stew with orzo. The meat was tender, there was a distinctly Mediterranean taste to it: yummy cumin. The appetizers were amazing: a soft cheese in philo triangles, Greek salad with chunks of feta and thousand island dressing, fresh octopus, grilled pita, a plate of dipping sauces including perfectly flavored humus, some fish things and, my favorite, tzatziki, thick and a little lemony.
This was a swordfish skewer.
Black ravioli.
Shrimp, scallops and some octopus inky substance.

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