Monday, May 26, 2008

Dix in the sun

My roommate and I finally got our cable hooked up in order to satisfy my intense, nerd television cravings (i.e. Food Network, Animal Planet, "Create"). So last night, while pounding a half gallon of Ben & Jerry's AmeriCone Dream, we watched the Travel Channel's 10 Best Beach Caribbean Pools/Resorts/Bathrooms, or something with an equally unappealing title, and one of the places was named, get this, LITTLE DIX BAY. That's right: Little DIX.
Christ almighty, I laughed my ass off.
I don't know about you, but little dix are not what I'm looking for when I go on vacation.

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Sphincterman said...

Speaking of Americone Dream, did everyone see the Colbert Report that features footage of Bill O'Reilly going apeshit on camera 20 years ago? If you ever wanted to see that shit-stain really, truly pissed off, check it out on and scroll down to the video.