Sunday, May 4, 2008

I had a great deal of fun at the Quinceanera, but I took some shitty pictures.
Here's Cristy from Afrobeta, Otto Von Schirach, Charlie and Jose El Rey.

These 2 are of the birthday girl...Yarisleysi--- or something of the sort.

Alas, it's ALEX CASO of the Waterford Landing!!! One of my favorite people in, dare I say it, the ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!! He also can make your booty shake with his rockin' beats and fantabulous sense of humor.

Here's Sean with his traveling sign of FOR SALE items. Everyone was encouraged to write on it. I think it was for what's selling that night (coke, pot, etc.), but I may have misunderstood because I was insanely intoxicated. I wrote Hillard Wiseheart (pictured here), because he's on sale.

I also ended up crawling in the fire and water fountain to light my fucking cigarette. I have NO IDEA where the thought came from or why I thought this was a good idea, but I guess it was from my own sick mind and came out of my stupid drunk body. I think there was glass in there, because my knee is busted, so as a word of caution, don't crawl in there with only shorts on.

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JIS said...

yes and you stole kisses from me that night!