Friday, May 30, 2008

more shnuff goin' down, and gay talk

1. Jacuzzi Boys at PS 14 next Friday. Don't miss it!
2. Check out this link for Upper East Side Garden events. They apparently have a "Gay Nite," which I'd love to go to, because I think I'm gay or something. There's not enough good gay nights around these parts anymore. I went to Magnum last weekend and got hit on by nice old lesbos, but the men looked a little aged, and not sexy or "cool," in any sense of the word. I still like it there. The Fox's of the North.
Miami used to be so gay friendly, and I know they all fled to Ft. Lauderdale, but couldn't any good parties stay behind? This post should be called "The Lamenting Hag;" I need to get a solid straight life. I am too old to be chillin' only with homos. Maybe I'll move on when I'm absolutely fat and desperate and even the gays withhold their love... nah, that'll never happen, they'll always love me, and I'll always love them.
Gay Boys and Girls:
Speaking of, you know I just learned/figured out that if you're a man and you've never gotten with chicks, only dudes, you know nothing about girl parts. Isn't that interesting? I mean, in my simple mind, I never even thought of this using basic logic. It's like if you're straight, you see all parts, ya know? There's room for comparison of all special places. Please, if you're gay and have never really "been" with a woman, write to me about how you perceive woman parts. Like really, and not just like, "ew, they're gross," because we all know that, you can say that too, I mean, but then throw something on the end like, "ew, they're gross! and they look like vomitholes." Thanks!

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