Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hey-Adams, a DC MUST

The Hay-Adams Hotel is situated directly across the street from the White House. The namesakes of this DC gem are John Hey, who worked for Lincoln, McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt, and Henry Adams, the renowned intellectual and descendent of John and John Quincy Adams. Hay and Adams lived in adjoining houses on this spot in the late 19th century and theirs was one of the leading salons of its time, hosting discussions of the greatest minds of their time from a variety of disciplines. After their deaths, the property was leased to the Brazilian embassy, later torn down and became this fancy-pants hotel.

The walls of the bar downstairs are covered with caricatures of politicos, presidents and wannabe politicians. Clearly they were drawn in groups by different artists during different eras. One of the walls displays Obama, Nader, the Hillary Clinton of today, as well as Al Gore, post presidential loss, in scuba gear; this is the most updated. Another has Clarence Thomas and Marion Barry smoking a crack pipe, clearly from yesteryear. There are at least two Carters, Clintons and Ted Kennedys. It was fun running around pointing out political heros and foes. Luckily my Aunt Nancy and Jimmy are the biggest nerds ever to be torn from a human womb, so we knew most everyone drawn there. This was one of the coolest places I have ever been in DC, and I've been there plenty of times over the years. Simply put: it rules.

Here's me, hitting on the 65 year old Indian bartender, trying to score a free drink (failure).

Our future president!!!
The family, in a booth. This place was chill as fuck. It was like Fox's without the grime. Oh, and with the prestige of former visitors, such as the rulers and great thinkers and shakers of our nation.

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farrahflave said...

Ohhhh snap! OBAMAS are STAYING @ the Hay Adams until inauguration~ obvi b/c it's the coolest hotel in DC :-)