Thursday, May 29, 2008

a little rant I wrote up for something else- nerd, dude

As a non-profit worker and a grant writer, I know that there is money out there specified for the purpose of educating and informing people on issues such as environmental awareness and activism. These are two of the most important and pressing topics of which Americans are lacking knowledge. I think that the creation of more hands on, co-op, community, organic farms would inform children, parents and the community on how to eat in an environmental friendly manner. Creating more of these locations would allow people to come together to learn about activism, public policy and advocacy; about the politics that affect us all! I think that more urban and rural community farms would connect people with the earth, and I would love to see more foundations, corporations and the government support people returning to the earth and understanding their place in the political chain. I think this would work to bring us together, and include Mother Earth in any discussion we plan to have about the future of this, or any nation.

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