Sunday, May 11, 2008

Radiohead in WPB

Radiohead was amazing. There were thousands of people there and worth the 2.5 hour drive.
The only complaint was that they didn't have the monitors on, and we couldn't see anything from a million feet back. Doesn't matter though, it's fucking Radiohead!!! I sent my brother in DC a text, it read: Thom Yorke thinks you're a douche. Then I called and left Thom playing on his voicemail, just to rub it in that he wasn't listening live, and I was. I'm the douche.


jc said...

Awesome show. I was four rows from the stage. I even got to see a hippy get his ass kicked by some bouncers.

I didn't get there in time to see the Liars. Did you?

EAT said...

Lucky you to be so close to all that talent and ass-kicking (though I don't condone hippy ass-kicking, I mean, I just used Dr. Bronner's soap to wash my hair. I could have been that hippy).
I saw the Liars for about two minutes, and then I went and paid 8bucks for a beer, because even that seemed a better option. You didn't miss much there.