Monday, June 2, 2008


Tonight at Studio A, Nada Surf will be playing for $15 a pop. I got my tickets for Vampire Weekend (June 9), who better not suck, because the tickets came out to more than $15 each, which is a lot for me.

In other news, the Blowfly/Otto/Ravelstein show was a shitload of fun. I became intoxicated and vanished at some point, but there was dancing and laughing and pushing of bodies. You should have been there! I missed the Modeselektor show because of the UFC fight and a coinciding party. I heard it was "fucking amazing" and I "really missed a great show" (this is where someone looks at me with a disappointed head shake, tsk, tsk). Oh fucking well, I saw some dudes beat the shit out each other instead. Anyway, my buddies and I decided to change Modeselektor's name to Mod Skeletor. Under this name, they perform in Skeletor suits and mini-skirts and cute little mod-early-Beatles' haircuts.

The UFC fights were entertaining. This was the first time that they have aired on cable television (CBS) instead of pay-per-view. They're violent, I like them. They showed some lesbos going at it, which was cool, but the highlight was Kimbo, a massive hunk of man from Perrine, representing the 305, and well at that! He punched the shit out of this neanderthal's cauliflower ear and I wanted to barf for a second there, just because, ew, how could he touch that bulbous mass, even if it was with a fist! It makes me shutter. My one complaint was that they pussily cut the middleweight and heavyweight fights just short of anyone getting knocked out. What the fuck are we watching this shit for if no one is going to get knocked to the ground?
This sort of describes how I feel today, and I always loved Masters of the Universe; we even had our own Castle Grayskull.

Is it just me, or did Skeletor have a great bod?


Chris Mora said...

Who would win this fight...

Kimbo or Skeletor

EAT said...

WOW, heavy.
You almost had me stumped, and then I thought of Kimbo's giant fists and nostrils, and suddenly I felt safe knowing that the 305 would prevail over evil.

farrahflave said...