Friday, June 13, 2008

Today's News Updates

Tim Russert just died. Rest in Peace, buddy. I'm gonna miss his big red face on my TV! Read the NY Times article.

R. Kelly was acquitted... Great, maybe he can add another 3,000 chapters to Trapped in the Closet and provide more pre-teens with much needed urine baths.

If you're in NY and need a break from the City, go up to the Delaware River for a night. I went up there on a canoe trip once, and getting drunk on the water was definitely better than baking in a tiny closet apartment. I got quite the sunburn- which felt good after the long winter; only thing is, when we went there were baby frogs jumping into the tent all night, so I got no rest. Thumbs up for a lil' vacay from the NYC.


Anonymous said...

Ya betta B-WARE up in dat D-WARE, sooooon.


Anonymous said...

Bro? What happened, bro?

- Rog