Friday, June 27, 2008

Cripples are Pretty, too!

WWTDD reported on a new BBC show celebrating models that have "disabilities," i.e. they're missing limbs or in wheelchairs and such. It's called Britain's Missing Top Model.

I guess there's really only one thing to say about this, and that is: whoa.

Let me preface with my view on the fashion industry and media and the whole hoopla about girls barfing because they want to be skinny like some dumb bitch in a magazine. I just don't think that people hate their bodies and faces because of the media. If it's anyone's fault, it's that daddy never told them they were pretty or mommy's jealous of them because mommy's as big as a house and you're 14 and, I don't know, maybe daddy's leering at you or some other horrible shit.
Anyway, this media thing is such an absurd idea to me that I can't even wrap my brain around it. I've been skinny, I've been fat. I like me either way. This is because I have self-esteem, an absurd amount to be honest with you, because I realize that in life, the only person you are hurting when you hate yourself is YOU, you fucking idiot! The only thing the media makes me feel bad about is that the luxurious fabric of a Galliano gown may never grace my wanting flesh.

This Missing Model show is strange though, because it's saying two conflicting things. One is that having a pretty face matters, that you should care about being photogenic--- thus alienating most of the world who possess ugly mugs, crooked noses, bald heads, jowls, weak chins, etc. And then, on the other hand, they're saying that having a physical limitation shouldn't limit you to showing off your pretty face. It's just terrible on so many levels.

I like fat models, I think they're hot, sometimes. Chunk is yummy. Feels good. I also love America's Next Top Model, not for Tyra though, who I think is an incredible moron, but because it's sort of fascinating how they make these gawky chicks look so good on film. Here's a little tip for all you people who hate your bodies, these models hate their bodies too. If you have kids, tell them you love them, that they're beautiful, even if they're porcine. Make sure to let them know that looks don't count for much in the end, but a good sense of humor, a quick mind, and interesting life experiences make you worthwhile. And fuck what everyone else things. They're stupid and ugly anyway.

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Jessica said...

This show is such a bad idea! It'll probably get cancelled or be so controversial it will get aired off. I don't know, I try to look at it through the positive side of it but the truth is that its everything you said. Oh the Brits!