Monday, June 23, 2008

Today's News Updates

"George Carlin is dead." This was my "good morning, sunshine!" after tuning into NPR on my way to work. He was only 71, and even though every other commentator believes that with all the bodily (drug) abuse he caused himself, he actually cheated time. I still think he had more in him. Maybe he was a prophet who had finally finished preaching his message of atheism, and now it was time to return to wherever it is that atheists go when they die. I wish him the best, in the earth, in heaven.
I'm sure most of you were moved by his passing as well. It seems they're dropping like flies recently. I have to say, I was most genuinely (unsarcastically) moved by Anna Nicole's death. Something about her and her son dying around the same time, and that poor cockeyed little baby rising from their ashes.

On a lighter note: you all may or may not know the new Kate Moss, Brit, it-girl, Agyness Deyen. She's been hailed as a sort of indie, fashion goddess, and I will admit, she does have style, though most young Brits dress well or at least creatively, and she's got a buttload of cash to work with. I thought there might be a glimmer of actual cool hope for this babe, but now I see she's dating the guitarist from the Strokes. Ugh, they make me shiver with snobby disgust. The Strokes make musical diarrhea. And, on top of that, please, check this guy out. He's like, I can't even describe it, his mediocrity is overwhelming. He's even sitting like a woman in this picture, with his toothpick legs and old man pants, and apparently he has fleas, as he is shamelessly digging into his ear. Point being, these two nauseate me. Though, if I had to make out with a chick, she'd do alright.


farrahflave said...

I will always love you, George Carlin

sdmonchij said...

dude! you are soo dying to make out with a chick! for realz!