Thursday, June 5, 2008

McCain is an Everglades Hating Zombie

I will start by mentioning, how frightening McCain is in this picture. He looks like a marshmallow man extra from Shaun of the Dead.

The Miami Herald published an article today noting that McCain voted with Bush against providing much needed federal support for the Everglades National (national, I repeat) Park.
"The $2 billion in the 2007 legislation was intended for three phases of the comprehensive Everglades plan: plugging canals and removing roads to replenish Picayune Strand State Forest, restoring the Indian River Lagoon watershed, and raising Tamiami Trail to allow natural water flow."
You know, I'm no policy expert, but I think those are things worth contributing to, and even a reasonable amount of cash, considering Hurricane Katrina's effect on LA, and especially in comparison to the amount we've spent on that useless war in Iraq ($2 trillion, so far). The amazing part is that all these Floridian Republicans voted or lobbied for the funding (i.e. Martinez, Crist, Ros-Lehtinen, the Diaz-Balarts), normally not known for being great environmentalists. "Martinez voted with the 79-14 majority to trump Bush's veto of the legislation, the first of his presidency." The first of his presidency! Wow, executive power has been a little too powerful these past eight years, if you ask me.

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