Thursday, June 12, 2008

my family is hideous on so many levels

This is my beautiful baby cousin, Farrah, and my younger brother, Jimmy. I have about three hundred pictures of them making ugly faces, as do most of their friends. These photos truly are hideous works of art. They range from base pieces, to more mature monkey mugs, to ones like this, that are just genius. Farrah is the true master of the ugly face. I can't imagine anyone prettier with the ability to make such repulsive shapes out of their skin and muscles. I mean, she's the TRUE talent, always has been. When she was very young, she would distort her face, turn to me and demand, "am I your prettiest cousin? Am I???"
I must say though, that Jimmy is fast learning her ways. Please, take a look at his expression above... It's understated ugliness evokes in me feelings of fascination. It's like, you know he's holding back to create the true masterpiece. Sure, he could make it more extreme and typical ugly-face, but he's trying to make a point: sometimes, less is more. It's just ugly enough to communicate brilliance, and it definitely says: "douchebag," but also, "cocky, high school debater" and "frat guy fucker." There is so much feeling in these faces that it makes my life worth living. This is art, functioning as a tool for expression and survival. So, bravo, maestros, bravo.

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farrahflave said...

daaaamn! did they get bitch-slapped with the UGLY stick or what?!

your favorite pretty ugly cousin, FAFI