Friday, June 6, 2008

Wafer Thin

This is one of those times when I'm just fucking bored and I want to shoot the shit without talking to anyone in particular. There are a couple of little things I want to get off my chest, like my bra and ugly gray shirt, and some inane thoughts.

I know I didn't mention that Yves Saint Laurent died earlier this week, but I actually was saddened by his passing. For instance, when I saw he was died, I said, "oh, poor Yves Saint Laurent!" You know, but I said it with my cottonmouth French accent, and I was immediately mocked by my friend, "Eeeve San Lauuurenn," which I deserved, because my accent sounds like shit these days, I sound like I'm trying to hard, but at the same time, you know, at least I'm not like some douchey American saying, "Wives Sanet Loourent?"

Then I had some drinks at this really cute restaurant in the Grove, George's, which should be Georges since they're all a bunch of croaking frogs. The guy's name has to be Georges, which is pronounced differently from George, but for whatever reason, he had to Americanize his name and not his attitude. The place was teeming with Frenchies. Our waiter mocked a girl I was with when after she ordered he said, "You can order in French or English," implying what she said was like some other bullshit language that she farted from her mouth that he had never heard. I think she got some tartare thing, like she said, "tuna tartare" and he was like, "googoogoogaga?"

Point being, the French are borderline repulsive when it comes to manners. He was not a friendly waiter until I started speaking to him in French, short sentences, but, you know, things that were relevant, "plus champagne" or "non, c'est tout." I probably didn't make sense, but he appreciated my old college try. I took about six+ years of French, and it's been years since I practiced. I watched the France 2 news the last two nights, and let me tell you, if there were no images, I wouldn't have had a clue what the hell was going on in the world from the words alone. There was no actual point to this blog, but to mention that if you see me and you speak French, offer to tutor me, preferably for free. Thanks. Also, you like my Monty Python reference in the title? What a funny movie, man.

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