Tuesday, June 3, 2008

amanda green and rat bastard: classic miami

I wish I knew about this sooner: Rat Bastard (who has a spread in Vice Magazine this month) and the lovely, talented Amanda Green are performing tonight at Churchill's (5501 NE 2nd Ave). Amanda is an amazing singer/songwriter who has been a long running staple of the Miami music scene. Rat Bastard, who will be joining the Subliminator tonight, is the "king" of Miami noise and the papa of the International Noise Conference, which is also held at Churchill's and brings in noise musicians from all over. They're usually always men, though women have been showing up with more frequency as of late; they usually smell like they have been sleeping in their cars for a week, and most of them have been; they are mostly pasty white and chalky; and there are a few real cuties and great bands that make it worth exhausting the shit out of Churchill's for the three days it runs. I missed it this year, but in '07, Nate and I basically moved into Churchill's for the weekend, and in '06, in New York, I went to a thousand shows, of all genres, including the No Fun Fest the NYC noise conference, which is quite a lot of fun and thankfully one of the reasons I met one of my favorite people Emily.

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