Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stick it in there!

This is one of the most stimulating and interesting commercials I have ever seen. Honestly. It leaves much to the imagination. The Indian guy, for instance. What purpose does he serve? Are we simply laughing at him, with him, are we sad for him, is he mentally retarded, homeless, masturbating? What? Well, whatever he is, this is a little nugget of gold. Click here if it doesn't come up. 


Sphincterman said...

Our Indian friend, Sanjay, has had a long, frustrating day fixing computers in a nondescript file cabinet of an office building. On his ride home, Sanjay is treated to a violent exchange between the other two gentleman. Clearly, this marks the high point of his day, perhaps since the day he arrived from Mumbai a year ago.
The customer is confused and absolutely convinced that he is correct - the definition of an asshole. The driver, Miguel, seems a decent and patient fellow. Even Gandhi would have broken the businessman's jaw. But Miguel is unwilling to offer an alternative to sticking filthy coins up his nose. Perhaps he is the true pervert in the ad.

I feel happy for Sanjay, disgust toward the businessman, and befuddlement about the driver's Penelope-like patience.

Kudos to Comcast for hiring a retarded actor (even though they are theives).

lujan said...

leave poor miguel alone! he surely is the long-lost poster-child for the plight of undocumented latino immigrant workers. do you see how he leans into this white/anglo man with each blow? his passivity is nearly violent--disturbing at the very least. they are but pennies forced into the most accessible orifice as a reminder--a reminder that there is no power struggle here. suburbanbrian with his paperbag lunch--white/mayo/bologne sans crust, small box of raisins--will forever be lost to the complexities of assumptive cultural/ethnic dominance. miguel seems resigned to suffering the idiots that pay him. the daunting sacrifices made for his children's future. as it stands, he'll work harder for less and put up with more all the while giving thanks and gently reminding all (but sweet clueless m.r. poor-pumpkin sanjay) of the notions of peace/humility/compassion.

!mi gente unida jamas sera vencida!