Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All My Churen

Two things: MAP Magazine, a local periodical that has miraculously continued publishing in the MIA, just came out with a new edition. Most local mags die out after one trip to the press. MAP is entertaining and does a good job at showcasing some local artists and musicians. You can check it out online here.

I was browsing through the Internet pages, which are illegible on my minuscule monitor, but thankfully, just looking at the images reminded me, for no particular reason, of this brilliant video art I saw at the Moore Space last art walk. We happened to stumble into the most genius art any of us had seen in a while, created by Florida native, Kalup Linzy. This dude is hilarious, brilliant, mind-boggling, disturbing, and kinda sad. This is a tatted black man, who dresses as old ladies, women, and men, and uses voices that sound like the little scary lady in Poltergeist. He's performing some sort of novellas for ghetto gays. At one point he plays a chick who calls her new boyfriend to come over, her boyfriend is a woman in drag, and once she/he arrives, they have the strangest sex scene that no nudity can provide. I actually found the scene below! Enjoy it. One of his pieces is called ''All My Churen." That is an unbeatable title in my book. I mean, ''All My Churen?'' Brilliant. And the main character in some of the videos is named Taiwan.

I guess he performed at the Moore, and I missed it, in May. I was in DC, I think. The closing is July 1, so get out there this week... or you could just check his work out on YouTube.

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