Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vampire Weekend's Show Last Night (good but not my scene)

Sounds like: Paul Simon, Graceland meets The Beach Boys' "Oooo"s meets Arcade Fire when they sound a little like the Beach Boys meets The Royal Tenenbaums meets what you think Cape Cod should be like but really isn't meets Columbia Univ. prep.
Singer: Ezra Koenig, who's like 23, is actually awesome live and really added enthusiasm and some screaming to the songs (I love screaming), and basically, he's adorable. You can probably remove/replace the rest of the band (sorry, guys), but this kid is pretty solid. Even if you think the music is juvenile and lame, he comes off as pretty talented and comfortable on stage, often chatting with the audience (I like that too).
Crowd: UM whiteys, young blond chicks, really young blond girls, old balding dudes, and NO ONE I knew. My friend said she knew a buttload of people there, but they're a little younger and went to private schools. Not my scene.
Show: Very enthusiastic audience, one of the best I've seen in Miami. However, consider that at most shows people just chug their drinks and leer at one another. Even at Radiohead, no one in our area but two creepy teens in front of us had the balls to dance, and that wasn't even in Miami. Most people at this show were bouncing around having a lot fun and the lead singer even said that this was one of the best crowds they've ever had. Represent.
Sound: I haven't been to Jackie Gleason in years, maybe even since I saw David Sedaris speak there, but the sound is fabu! It makes me ashamed of all the other places we listen to live music at, except Churchill's since you can always interact with whomever is on stage, if you really wanted to. So, cheers to the Filmore, worth the extra few bucks.


Anonymous said...

Bunch. Of. Fags.

Your description was spot on.

JG Theatre fuckin' rocks, though. They should have more shows there.

- Rog

Mofongo said...

the screaming made a fan outta me...but maybe only cuz i had 1.67 piƱa coladas pre-show...thanks for being such a rad sugar-momma

-ur fag

Anonymous said...

Damn, you try hard at being a hipster...I wasn't going to comment, but then you mentioned Sedaris. You like being cliche this much?

When are you going to bring up David Foster Wallace and Cat Power? Stop trying so hard already.

EAT said...

Hipster, hmmm. I guess, since I have hung out with Cat Power, she's a funny lady, and of course, considering I saw David Sedaris with my MOTHER, who bought the tickets and sat right next to me at the reading. I wouldn't consider her a hipster, maybe a hippy (she wears birks). I'm sorry you're so limited and superficial.

CB said...

"You can probably remove/replace the rest of the band (sorry, guys)"

Not so sure about that. The drummer was the best musician in the band.

Preppy crowd, but what do you expect, they started playing in frat houses.

A lot of drinking.

The security should relax a bit, I saw a few people getting kicked out-one guy for having pit tix but getting caught sitting in the seats.