Wednesday, October 15, 2008

best defense ever... Joe the Plumber

Wow, McCain. Ya really got him there! Wait, who the FUCK is Joe the Plumber? I couldn't give a fuck about him. BOMP on that healthcare argument John. Joe's not getting fined under Obama/Biden. Barack gotcha! 

This debate is making me insane. I can't understand what McCain is doing. I debated in high school, and did some really terrible arguing, but McCain is doing the worst defense/offense I have EVER seen. I mean, I saw kids have meltdowns at Blue Key during failed LD debates that performed better than this. 

Note to McCain: John, you have changed. I'm not saying I ever liked you,
 but you've really become a monster. Before you demand an unnecessary apology from Obama - on something unrelated to his campaign - you need to apologize for having your VP candidate call Obama a terrorist. Say you're sorry. Just say it and I won't be as horrified as I am. SAY YOU'RE SORRY! 

One more thing... This was created by Jill Greenberg, don't know who she is, but it's brilliant!


MDG said...

I was at GB last night too, the back room. I just wanted to say it tickled me to read your blog. Thanks!

EAT said...

Awesome! We should do it again some time!