Friday, October 3, 2008

Unemployment: part 1

I woke up this morning even earlier than I did when I was working (i.e. yesterday). The reason being: ANXIETY. I knew that my high would fall at some point, and it did at 8 am. Normally when I get anxious, I am like all other crazies, I have to drop a deuce. This time was no different, and my roomie was in the shower for his morning relaxation session. I want him to be relaxed, so I just clenched my cheeks and waited to hear the water turn off. 

I laid in my bed feeling the crushing weight of the day before: leaving work, beachin' it, applying for unemployment, heading out to watch the debates, getting wasted, losing my credit cards, crying in the back seat on the way home. I certainly was not in any way ready to face the day. I thought of the things I'd be adding to my To Do list. All the weight I'd be losing because I have no money for food. My lack of desire to poop myself - I've had enough blows this week. 

After business was taken care of, I moved to the couch, as all unemployed people do. John and Kate Plus 8 were on Regis and Kathy, which now, apparently has neither Regis nor Kathy on it anymore. Then I drifted back to sleep. Thankfully, J. called me to let me know my credit cards were at the Abbey (HORRAY, HURRAH!) and I think she went back to sleep. Martha Stewart is on the Tube and N. might come by so we can... dun, dun, dun, dunnnn: GO TO THE POST OFFICE!! I know. You're jealous. I would be too. Hopefully the anxiety subsides, I am able to enjoy this time off and my bowels forgive me the wait. 


eldesaparecido said...

Que va, I was briefly unemployed through the month of August. It felt like crap the first two weeks. Then the next two it really felt like vacay. Then I got a job. You'll figure it out. I wonder where you worked before?

Emily Sue said...

I'm sorry. I read this after I was talking about credit cards. Tacky. Glad you found them, though.

aikin said...

Laid off - that SUCKS. That's the type of thing that keeps me awake at night.
best of luck finding something soon.