Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Late Date: Art by Mr. Vuong

My roommate is a terrific artistic mind and a great dresser. You may know Nathan (Lam) Vuong from his DJing days at Spiderpussy, or from his former show on WVUM, or even just for being such a cutie. His newest project involves looking at dating, solitude, and all the shit that goes along with it. 

My Date Blew Me Off shows various scenarios where Nathan is on a date and there is only an imaginary partner along for the ride. Above is probably my favorite photo. You may be able to relate. You're hanging out with a dude, relaxing at home, chilling on his lap, and he's flipping through the channels, but then you realize that the guy never showed up, and you're just staring at the blank screen, alone. Through these shots, Nathan captures the comfort one person feels with another, the happiness, tension, and sometimes the awkwardness we feel when we are around someone we like. But then on closer inspection, you realize that these feelings are imagined, that other person is merely a sketch of a fantasy lover that hasn't yet arrived. These pieces are sad and funny, delicate and thoughtful. I hope you enjoy them. 


Anonymous said...

Thought you might be interested, Lizzy.

- Rogey

dana b. said...

i thought you might enjoy this, its similar to your roommates work and cute: