Friday, October 17, 2008

What's been up with me, bro?

I need to catch y'all up on what's been going on. 

I have been to two good restaurants in the past 2 days based on the same theme of tons of small meals filling one large void (thanks Danny):
-El Carajo- Spanish tapas bar on Red Road and 10th Street. The food was very tasty, even the salad, which is what I think Spanish people do the worst. It's not cheap, but the house red was reasonable, $24, and the atmosphere was charmingly, traditional Espana, dark and crowded, in a good way.  
-Kon Chau Restaurant-Dim sum/Chinese on Bird Road and 83rd Street. I clearly missed the memo on dim sum, because I over-ordered like a motherfucker and ended up bringing home a full extra meal. The environment may be a little dirty Chinatown, but the food was delicious and very inexpensive. Also the service was like BAM, in and out. We had like three waiters just throwing food at us, quick as shit. I want more. 

I went to JAM at MAM and it was extra lame. Used to be fun. Wasn't feeling the crowd. It was an Oktoberfest event, and there was a funny old guy musician with great half-calf leg warmers. He kinda made it worth my while. 

I went to Farley Aguilar's show (kick ass), a concert at the Black Mangrove Collective and Nastie's night at PS14. There was a good turn out at the Carol Jazzar opening, and everybody's work was workin' it (a few examples on this page include Farley and two of his paintings, my favorite Farley painting and a Snoop made of tape by Kuhl & Leyton). 

There was a young, wannabe hippy thing at the Black Mangrove Collective where the Jacuzzi Boys played. It was pretty fun, and although the audience was half my age, and apparently all have worked at American Apparel, at least no one was wearing AA, and everyone smelled like hippies (as they should, though to the distaste of most of my friends). 

I happened to swing by PS afterward. It is still one of my favorite places in Miami, but they have been slacking on consistently fun nights over the past year or two. They had bands playing inside and out, and a decent crowd. I would definitely go again, and again, as I have so many times, especially as a good alternative to the usual snoozefest.  

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