Monday, October 6, 2008

No Jay-Z for Monday Morning Miami Crowd

Last night Jay-Z performed at Bayfront Park, and apparently he "got a sore throat," so he couldn't perform this afternoon for the rest of us. I went down to the Obama/voter reg concert this afternoon and of course they sent out some crackly voiced white girl to break the news that Jay-Z wasn't coming. It was about 10,000 degrees, so I guess it wasn't so terrible to go home and hide in the darkness of my room. 
This experience exemplifies my problem with the Dems. They always, always, always pull this type of shit. I love my party, but seriously, they are disorganized. They should have had Trick Daddy or Pitbull in the wings, waiting, just in case this shit happened. Anticipate the worst, friends, and be ready to please the freaking crowd. Please figure it out before it's too late for us. Please!


Anonymous said...

At least the dems send cool acts to the miami area. The only events New Yorkers get to attend are whatever gets aired on cnn. Yesterday, that meant an afternoon of suffering the Boss. He kept "strumming" while he talked about the promise of america. ugh.

Camargo said...

Bro! Come on man, the boss!

EAT said...

I have to defend Springsteen, while agreeing with your remark.
I want to own the Boss. Thunder Road (fav song) and The River: heavy duty political shit. And he's like the sexiest man ever.

I did, however, see the strumming thing, and it sorta sucked. I mean, I NEVER thought I'd say anything against a man with that great an ass, but I just have... To repent, I will sing Hungry Heart at karaoke this Thursday. Bruce, you're always welcome to stay at my place. LOVE YOU