Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shake it, bro

Tonight Vagabond is launching their new Thursday night party. At first, it sounded oddly similar to their last Thursday night, Money Shot, which featured mostly hip hop. I liked Money Shot because the music was danceable and the vibe light. I didn't go often, but when I did head out there, I could shake it to Biggie and shit, and I love that oldish school musica (don't want to say old, because I was already wearing a bra when Big Papa was at his height). I couldn't go very often, because I had work, but now I'm free (as a bird) on Fridays, so I think I can check out Shake, the new party. After seeing the flyer, I think the music will be a bit different, and I know Alex Caso will be kicking ass on the ones and twos (I'm a cheesehead, I know). I feel that there will be a whiter trashier vibe, considering the quart drinking contest and the bearded white man chugging in front of Walgreens above. I'm sure it's worth checking out, even if just for the Colt and Alex.

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Alex Caso said...

Ahh...thanks for the props Liz. :)