Sunday, October 5, 2008

Unemployment: part 2

As you all know, for the first time in a while, I am unemployed. Today I went grocery shopping as a person without a job. I decided to try bargain shopping at Whole Foods. I went in doubtful, and left with some hope. I actually got a few deals. I bought a $3.50 bottle of wine, and got (Whole Foodmade) homemade sausages on sale for .99 each. I bought 4 of them, and that plus bread is like lunch for 4 days, am I right? They have affordable buckets of organic greens and comparable prices on bread and salad dressings. Even with some meat and a 4-pack of Strongbow, 2 full reusable bags came out to $60. I paid the same for one full bag at Publix last week. Whatever, food's expensive and soon, I'll be giving up greens for Ramen noodle. I always wanted to get back to those good old days of college! 
I am concerned, however, about the max amount one might receive in unemployment compensation in the State of Florida. I hear it's $275 per week, which wouldn't cover my rent and bills. I have no savings. The anxiety is building. I would rather someone drown me in my own urine than make me move home with my parents. And the one place I invested was in a 401(k), which is worth 1/3 less than it was worth a year ago. Yup. Real nice. I'll be appealing to family for donations and maybe I'll set up my own paypal account and just look sad and ask people for cash. But then again, donations might take from those immense unemployment checks, and then I'll just break even making $1,100 per month. 


Emily Sue said...

Time to start an etsy career! Have fun while unemployed. Lots of people from overseas buy vintage clothing, so even if our economy is bad you can still ship it over there. It's a little something, just a thought!

Lauren Reskin (Lolo) said...

Hey! Sorry to hear about your laying-off. If Sweat can help you out at all let me know. We all gotta help each other out, right?

EAT said...

Thanks, Lolo. I appreciate it! I can always volunteer at Sweat! I think volunteering will be my new profession.