Monday, October 20, 2008

Vote if you love FREEDOM and LIBERALISM, bro

Local activist S. Leon sent out an e-mail with suggested reading for election choices, which should help us decide how we're going to vote on the rest of the ballot, after we check Obama. This list shows you where to look to vote Dem or Republican. 

Oh, and we can't forget to vote NO on 2, because we love the gays, and support their rights as citizens. Read more about it at Save Dade. Daniella Levine (click on her name for her blog) is my former boss, executive director at Human Services Coalition; she is a progressive thinker and a trusted mind. My votes will be aligned with hers. 

Here's his list:

If you would prefer to do some research on your own, here are some sources of information:

1. Florida judges:

[Yes to all. Lawyers like them.]

2. State constitution amendments:

[Some good, some bad.]

Amendment 2 (an anti-gay amendment which will potentially harm all unmarried couples):

3. Dade Charter amendments:

[Yes to all except unified fire.]

4. Strong mayor:

5. Dade/Gables/Pinecrest Fire politics:

6. Property Appraiser:

More on Gwen Margolis at:

7. Ros-Lehtinen- Taddeo:

8. Diaz-Balart- Martinez:

9. Diaz-Balart- Garcia:

10. Pinecrest mayor: Lerner-Serota (no Serota web site)


eldesaparecido said...

You used to work there? Wow.

Joshua Bloodgin said...

Yall must vote for Yvonne Colodny for Judge. She is amazing. On the real.

eldesaparecido said...

Palin for Governor 2010.

BabySquids said...

I love Daniella's blog! Proved useful when I was filling out my absentee ballot.