Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obamas at the Park in Miami, bro.

Today at Bicentennial Park, Michelle and Barack Obama spoke to a huge crowd of thousands. 
Barack spoke for a significant amount of time, and was introduced by Sens. Nelson and Graham, in addition to his wife. Bicentennial Park couldn't have been a worse venue if you covered it with diarrhea and snakes. Granted, I didn't arrive as early as I would have liked, but the crowd was dense, and there were so few places to stand where you could actually see the stage clearly, that there wasn't much room to enjoy the experience. People were sitting on the Port-o-potties for God's sakes. The sound system was terrible as well, as you could only hear Michelle speak if you were in one small area of the park. Basically, I missed out on the goodies this time (the last public rally was more intimate), but so many people were able to hear Obama speak in person that it was worth the trip for him, I believe. There is definitely much support for Obama in Miami, and not just from the African American community, but also from young people, students, and young parents. I hope he makes it here again before the election and everyone can see him at his best: Obama Live. 


swampthing said...

bro, it was awesome to be there. sat in the spillover lawn, couldn't hear squat. Grooving with the Rah-Rah band was the perfect exit strategy.

eldesaparecido said...

It was worth it. Especially for the impromptu carnaval atmosphere afterwards chanting "OBAMA". Clutch.