Thursday, October 2, 2008

Getting Fired FEELS So Gooooood!

Blogger friends, I am happy to say that I got laid off today. I am not stressed, as this leaves me time to devote to The Bro, Ph.D. applications, and my Halloween costume (TBD). 

I feel the shackles removed from my wrists, leaving them free of my former work-keyboard forever! I suppose I should be sad as were my comrades and coworkers, but to be quite honest with you, I feel lucky to be out of that tragic routine and away from that strangely friendly, yet truly noxious environment. The office was very wet with tears and as my friends and I left with half-empty boxes in our hands. People expressed their love and compassion and, bitch that I am, I turned and said, "Seriously, don't feel bad for us, you're the poor bastards who still have to work here." They were wonderful work friends, but they can always buy me a drink at 5 after they get off work, just as my new day is beginning! 

Those of us that got laid off grabbed a 12-pack and hit the beach. We jumped in the clear water in our undies, sucked down some Presidentes on empty stomachs, stuffed our faces with pizza and then went home. All in all, an interesting day. So, point is, if you know of anyone that needs a grant writer, send 'em my way. Thanks!


Emily Sue said...

Woah! I hear you on leaving a shitty job, whether it's by choice or not, things are usually worse when you think about them in retrospect (or at least that's my experience thus far). Was this pretty much expected?? Good luck with things to come! I wish I boozed it up after leaving the Food Bank, but alas, I did not, and I'm still living with that regret.

Andrea Richard said...

Bro, great post and really, don't you think that desk jobs are soul sucking? I'm glad that you spent the day at the beach while your former colleages remained in their cubicles watching the clock until it's time to go.