Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Berlin 1: Bike Tour

Eddie and I went on the best five hour bike tour of Berlin: Fat Tire Bike Tours. They have them in other cities as well, but I imagine this was the most informative and interesting, considering Berlin's sinister history. Here's the infamous Communist phallus TV Tower in the midst of Alexanderplatz, shadowed by a Commie world clock. Next is the site of the infamous Nazi book burning, an event that has always facinated me almost as much as the whole Chinese Cultural Revolution. In the spot where little Nazis burned books is an art piece showing an empty library underground. The last picture is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which is actually quite striking in real life, though contrivercial, since not only Jews were murdered in the Holocaust- don't forget the Gypsies, gays, twins, Catholics, you name it, they were killed too. 
There were so many interesting things to see and good Cold War history, tons of religious buildings and a green ride through Tiergarten -the huge park in the middle of the city. They even brought us to grab a beer. 

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