Tuesday, September 23, 2008

High Cost of Living: You're Outta Gas.

Inspiring news for Floridians from The Miami Herald: Housing costs eat up Floridians' wages. Figures from the 2007 Census are showing that we spend more on housing and utilities than 47 other states.
Awesomely enough, they quoted my well-informed former boss, "Daniella Levine, chief executive of the Human Services Coalition, said about half the residents in Miami-Dade shelters are working people who cannot afford rent or a mortgage." Basically, you're going to end up in a shelter, because you spend too much on your rent/mortgage/electricity. It's a scary thing.

Also, I'm sure you've noticed that there's no gas anywhere in So FL, well, they say it's because refineries and ports and stuff were shut down due to the Texas hurricane. I feel like I need to stake out my plot of land on which I will grow seasonal veggies and pets I will one day devour.


eldesaparecido said...

Its kinda like that scene in Fight Club when Tyler is talking to Jack at his bedside near the end of the movie:

In the world I see - you are stalking elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center. You'll wear leather clothes that will last you the rest of your life. You'll climb the wrist-thick kudzu vines that wrap the Sears Tower. And when you look down, you'll see tiny figures pounding corn, laying strips of venison on the empty car pool lane of some abandoned superhighway.


Liz said...

It's exactly like that! Can't wait to get back to "nature."