Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Berlin: good EATING makes me happy, bro

First off: everything I ate in Germany was scrumptious.

Two delicious Berlin restaurants here, I'll put the best one first. It's called Schneeweiss, or Snow White, and is located in the Friedrichshain neighborhood (which was bumping with eating people) and offers flawless, traditional Alpine cuisine. I love wiener schnitzel, but I got the roasted pork, seen here. It's not as much the look but the perfect taste of it that made me fall in love. Eddie and Juergen got the lamb, and I deboed a few veggies from Eds, and they were so perfectly unaltered, plump and flavorful. It was as if God grew them from Her own belly and kissed them before placing them on the plate. The waiters were kind of laissez-faire about us, the atmosphere was pretty and modern, but the food was why I spent 20 hours curled up in a puddle of my own saliva, heavy on Valium in a shaky tiny plane. Please eat here. Your stomach will give you a high five.

Monsieur Vuong is a very popular Vietnamese restaurant where we were packed in like a tin of tourist sardines. We actually ate there because Vuong is my roommate's last name and I needed to get him a shirt and pics of his name in lights. These boozy drinks ruled, and the pho was really light and yet filling. I would definitely suggest a re-eat.

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Emily Sue said...

I can't look at your blog around lunchtime anymore. I get depressed about the lack of dining options in this place.