Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Farewell, Capitalist Security!

Seems as if this week might be the beginning of the end. The Fed bailed out insurance giants, AIG, offering them an $85 billion loan. It has been speculated that if AIG went under, the capitalist economy would totally collapse- since it's worth trillions. People are pulling $ out of AIG around the world. It looks as if Barclays is buying out most of Lehman Brothers, though not any of their real estate assets.
The Dow Jones dropped another 450 points today, and investors and bankers are pooping their pants worldwide. The London, Frankfurt and Parisian markets are down too, though not comparatively speaking. I guess the real questions are: when are we going to stop dumping billions into the useless invasion of Iraq? and why would anyone vote another Republican into office after this nightmare?

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